Friday, March 29, 2013


Surgery is what interests me most but this blog is for my other interests. Particularly, I would like to highlight the people I consider true geniuses. Tracy wilson describes such a person as an extraordinarily intelligent person who breaks new ground with discoveries, inventions or works of art. Usually, a genius's work changes the way people view the world or the field in which the work took place. In other words, a genius must be both intelligent and able to use that intelligence in a productive or impressive way. I agree with this definition.

Being a radical thinker is not without risks! Many of the people I will highlight did not fit well into the organizations in which they worked. This is not surprising since, in general, organizations want to maintain the status quo-when change comes they want it to be incremental.  Radical thinkers, on the other hand,  want to change things radically and rapidly. Einstein summarized these problems succinctly:

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